Threat Assessment


High-Profile Client

The second challenge to Group Nine was a client reaching out because they were traveling to Mexico with a group of high-net-worth individuals needing a threat assessment and pre-travel brief.

The client needed to take extra precautions since some high-level individuals were former and current professional athletes.

The unique challenge was that their notoriety brought valuable publicity to the client’s humanitarian relief efforts and raised the risk profile. In addition, the client wanted to film their work with a drone which could bring unwanted attention from criminal elements.

Group Nine drew from its diverse pool of security subject matter experts and local contacts in Mexico to assist this client. We provided an overview of the region’s armed gangs and criminal, terrorist, and medical threats.

Group Nine’s in-depth threat assessment of the local area revealed several high-risk regions associated with kidnapping and violent gang activity. We also conducted a digital evaluation of the client and high-net-worth individuals to determine specific risks associated with each traveler based on their pre-trip social media activity. The Group Nine team created a plan to balance the client’s needs to visit certain city areas while also modifying the travel locations and travel posture to avoid these risks. We helped the client to recognize vulnerabilities and pre-attack indicators to prevent potential dangers before they became a threat. We also offered specific advice for drone camera people to help mitigate the unique risks of drone filming in the region.

Ultimately, the client completed the travel without incident. The client praised Group Nine’s advice and expertise, which allowed them to successfully avoid dangerous situations that could have harmed their staff and their humanitarian mission. Our analysis helped the client understand the risks facing their delegation, the advice we provided, and better recommendations to ensure their safety.

August 2, 2022

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